Transformers Punch

Updated: June 3, 2011
Transformers Punch

Transformers Punch


“In my business, there are no friends, only suspects.”

Knowing what to say and when to speak or remain silent are the prerequisites for undercover work, so Punch carefully measures his words as if they were worth a fortune in Energon. Most take this as a sign of the quiet, clear-headed Autobot’s grim determination, after all, Punch always seems calm and in control, ready to take charge and solve problems at any moment. Inside, however, he’s a nervous wreck He’s quiet and reserved because the less he says. the lower the chances of him being exposed as an Autobot double-agent and forced to suffer a painful demise at the hands of the Decepticons. Punch is utterly paranoid, even around his true Autobot comrades. The risk of having his mission discovered by the Decepticons drove Punch to create a full and deep personality for -Counterpunch.” creating an illusion of a hair-trigger, violent warrior who’s as much a Decepticon as any mechanoid. The gimmick worked all too well, the razor-edged tightrope that Punch has been walking while masquerading as his merciless alter-ego has left him with more mental problems than anyone realizes Counterpunch is so complete a disguise that even Punch isn’t aware of the fact that Counterpunch has gradually developed a life of his own In a way. Counterpunch is a way for Punch to indulge in all his darker impulses with total impunity and lack of guilt—after all, it’s not really him doing it Although he has thus far stayed loyal to his actual Autobot allegiance, Punch has started having blackouts’ as Counterpunch where he can’t account for his own whereabouts. He hasn’t reported this to his superiors because he’s sure he can keep it under control In his core, though. he nervously wonders who really is in control—him or Counterpunch.

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