Transformers Rad

Updated: June 5, 2011
Transformers Rad

Transformers Rad


“Think before you shoot, but shoot before you’re shot!”

Profile: Rad moves between the cliques of cocky Autobot warrior jocks to the intellectual halls of academia with enviable ease, but he doesn’t feel obligated to belong to either group He’s got all the moves of a first-rate combatant, coupled with the intelligence of a brilliant scientist. He mixes those rational problem-solving skills with daring and risk-taking, making him a favorite among the Autobot warriors despite his modesty. Rad is unimposing but devilishly clever, and his helpful nature and polite attitude make it difficult not to like him—although there are those who try. Some are jealous of his wide range of skills and confidence, but the positive Rad takes it in stride. He s tee busy trying to keep Lionizer, his raging Targetmaster partner under control to worry about who’s wishing to be him

Abilities: Rad has above-average strength and great intelligence. His primary scientific specialty is aerospace engineering, and he’s an expert on the design and function of everything from suborbital to intergalactic craft. He’s also an exceptionally skilled warrior. In robot mode, he’s armed with a particle blaster which fires silicate particles that erode or destroy targets. His Targetmaster partner [See Targetmasters] Lionizer becomes an atom-smasher rifle that can break down anything it hits on an atomic level or create instability that results in powerful explosions. Subject’s particle blaster can combine with Lionizer in both modes to boost its power.

Weaknesses: Although not arrogant, Subject’s confidence in his skills can lead him to take on more responsibility than he can reasonably handle. Lionizer often drags the duo into conflicts Subject would rather avoid.

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