Transformers Raindance

Updated: June 6, 2011
Transformers Raindance

Transformers Raindance


“Every picture tells a story.”

Profile: Raindance is a flashy and talkative Autobot who wants to use his position as a video reporter to make himself an intergalactic star of the Autobot/Decepticon war. He’s constantly irritated that he can’t be in the shots he takes of whatever story he’s covering. His partner Grand Slam is greatly agitated by Raindance’s lack of objectivity and by his willingness to interfere in battle when covering stories, while Raindance is frustrated by the elder reporter’s strict code of journalistic ethics. Despite his thrill-seeking and self-glorifying tendencies. Raindance is a dedicated documenter who will take any risk to record the best images of an event. He’s glib, funny, and popular, with thousands of stories to tell about all the exciting battles he has covered. Grand Slam just wishes Raindance would stop looking at war as a vehicle for stardom and start treating it with more dignity.

Abilities: Subject has above-average intelligence and an exceptional skill at photography and cinematography. In jet mode, he’s got excellent maneuverability and can reach speeds of 300 mph for 150 miles. He is also equipped with anti gravity projectors that allow him to hover. He’s armed with two air-to-air proton missiles. which are ostensibly only for self-defense He’s capable of recording up to .24 vorns of images. He combines with Grand Slam to form Slamdance

Weaknesses: Raindance’s jet mode is awkward to use in normal circumstances and has very low strength.

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