Transformers Decepticon Scrapper

Updated: March 8, 2011


“My work is a monument to – and of – My enemies.”

Profile: Scrapper’s amazing ability to design and produce almost any structure or machine the Decepticons might need is only matched by his intense modesty in the face of compliments. The artistic Scrapper manages to entertain himself and his allies with his sadistic hobby of incorporating defeated Autobots into his constructions, which is one of the reasons he’s the most well-liked Constructicon. Megatron appointed the sociable Scrapper to act as leader of the Constructicons over the snobbish Hook; Megatron feels Scrapper is the most valuable of the team. Modesty prevents Scrapper from agreeing.

Abilities: Subject has a natural skill at design that is heightened by a mastery of engineering. He is physically very strong in both modes In vehicle mode, his shovel can slice through 12 inches of steel plating and lift up to 30 tons He can also deploy a winged mode that allows him to fly at 60 miles per hour for up to 250 miles He’s armed with a laser pistol as a robot. Serves as right leg of Devastator.

Weaknesses:Scrapper’s shovel can become vulnerable to stress fractures when overworked

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