Transformers The Ark

Updated: February 9, 2011


The finest spacecraft in Cybertronian history, the Ark was originally conceived as part of Optimus Prime’s initial plan to leave Cybertron upon assuming command of the Autobots. When circumstances convinced Prime to abandon this course of action construction of the Ark continued although it was vastly slowed by the escalation of the Autobot/Decepticon conflict and the resultant scarcity of resources. Despite these limitations, the design team (headed up by Wheeljack Huffer, and Grapple) was ordered by Optimus Prime to hold out for oniy the highest quality components and equipment. He planned for the Ark to assist them in exploration, locating Energon beyond Cybertron. and also to travel to other worlds threatened by the Decepticons. Tragedy struck on the Ark’s maiden voyage when it was attacked and boarded by a Decepticon raiding party from the Nemesis warship. Crashing on Earth with both factions aboard. the Ark and its contents remained largely undisturbed for over 4 million of that planet’s years. When the Earth-bound Cybertronians were re-awakened by the Ark’s on-board computer, the crashed ship acted as the Autobots’ base of operations.