Transformers The Nemesis

Updated: February 9, 2011


The Nemesis was intended to be the flagship of Megatron’s burgeoning Decepticon space fleet somewhat leaner than its Autobot counterpart; the Ark, it was still one of the most massive spacecrafts constructed during its era. Although it utilized the experimental Transwarp technology for space travel, the weapons-laden Nemesis was primarily used as a siege engine during its time on Cybertron. Large numbers of troops would disembark to swarm over Autobot targets, while the craft itself would bombard strong points from above.


The Nemesis is capable of comfortably accommodating approximately 200 Cybertronian mechanoids, although it can be crewed by far fewer. It is designed to maintain maximum combat efficiency with a minimal crew, and most of its controls are centralized so that they can be controlled directly from the helm if needed. In terms of armament. the Nemesis far outshines the stockier Ark; the Decepticon craft has a full array of laser cannons, heat beams, missile launcher, and anti-personnel weapons, among others.