Transformers Thundercracker

Updated: February 4, 2011


“The deadliest weapon is terror.”

Profile:Thundercracker was an aimless Transformer whose primary conceit was his contempt for those that couldn’t fly. Megatron’s skillfully crafted propaganda and personal attention helped convince Thundercracker that his feelings of superiority were justified. and the rhetoric about the grand purpose of the Decepticon cause provided Thundercracker with a much-needed sense of direction. It has since become apparent that Thundercracker is not entirely convinced of the Decepticon cause. especially when it puts innocent lives in danger, but his need for meaning in his life allows him to be persuaded to stay.

Abilities:Subject possesses above-average strength and intelligence. In jet mode and robot mode, he can create controlled sonic booms that can be heard for 200 miles. This ability is much more powerful in his jet mode. He is armed in this mode with two drone cruise missiles that can fly for 500 miles and explode with a force of 3.000 lbs. of TNT In robot mode, he is armed with two shoulder-mounted cannons that fire several hundred rounds per breem of heat-resistant ceramic bullets; the bullets contain a highly flammable material that explodes on contact.

Weeknesses:Subject’s mounting doubts about the rightness of his actions and cause can impede his effectiveness, usually his fear of Megatron keeps him focused.

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