Transformers Triple Changers

Updated: February 9, 2011

Triple Changers


After the Duocons, Shockwave examined the root of the problem that led to his subjects’ inability to accept multiple alternate modes. Researching his materials and history, Shockwave was struck in particular by how the Fallen had singled out several particular mechanoids during the Dark Ages. Wondering what the criteria were. Shockwave realized that there must be a hardwired genetic component predisposing certain Cybertronians to more easily acclimate to alteration and improvement. Intrigued, Shockwave sought out the Autobot warrior known as Springer to test this hypothesis further The work on Springer yielded success, and Shockwave’s goal to create a Cybertronian able to convert between three modes became a reality. Shockwave duplicated the process for several other Cybertronians, creating an elite strike force with abilities far beyond average mechanoids. In addition to their robot mode. the Tnple Changers each have two alternate modes, one for aerial use and one for ground-based maneuvers. One thing that makes the Triple Changers particularly adept warriors is the speed of their transformation. The average Triple Changer can convert between modes twice as fast as the standard Cybertronian: this ability to change to the most effective mode in a fraction of a moment lets Triple Changers dominate the field of battle as a unit or individually.

In addition to his work on the Duocons and Triple Changers. Shockwave also performed major and minor experimentation in numerous other fields. One of his primary successes was the development of the Energy Transfer Module: ostensibly, this module allowed anyone in whom it was installed to draw energy directly from Cybertron. maximizing their power cell capacity and diminishing their reliance on Energon to negligible levels. In reality, this development was just another of Shockwave’s methods to subjugate the populace while serving his own ends. Much of the energy from this process was redirected toward Shockwave’s experiments with the aforementioned Vector Sigma. Shockwave also installed a complex web of audio-visual monitors throughout Cybertron (monitored by the Reflector team), as well as neural network-affecting broadcasters that slowly increased the hostility level of the populace.