Movie Replica Custom

  • blackout-grindor

    Custom Blackout

    Blackout is one of the first Transformers to appear together with his minion Scorponok in the first sequel Transformers movie. He appeared as a Sikorsky MH-53 Pave Low helicopter as a...

  • Custom-Sentinel-Prime

    Sentinel Prime Custom

    Here’s a work in progress repaint of Sentinel Prime as seen in the first teaser trailer of Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon movie. Much has been said about him as...

  • abbadon prime custom

    Iron Prime Custom

    Hey guys! Just want to update you with my recent custom toy inspired from the Iron Man figure. I named him “Abaddon Prime”. Check out the images below:

  • Custom Ultra Detailed Jetwing Prime

    Custom Ultra Detailed DOTM Jetwing Prime

    Here’s a continued work in progress of an ultra detailed DOTM Jetwing Optimus Prime with detachable Flight tech and Guns. This will include the following features when completed: Detachable...

  • Big Prime Custom

    Big Prime Custom

    This one is really BIG. I call this toy “Big Prime Custom”. This custom toys stands 18 inches tall with fully articulated body. I painted Big Prime with metallic blue and...

  • Custom JetPrime ROTF

    Power Up Prime GK DNS

    THIS is the last of the custom Power Up Prime GK series that has come out on the year 2011. Making it unique and special are the following features: 1. Removable...

  • Custom Movie Starscream

    Movie Starscream Custom

    This Movie Starscream Custom was made for a local repeat client. Its a Leader Class Custom Starscream. Like many of my Transformers movie custom toys i have done before, i have...

  • Small Scale Power Up

    Voyager Power Up

    I previously made a smaller scale of Power Up Prime from the Revenge of the fallen film that i almost forgot to post and share the images on this website. This...

  • Custom Power Up

    POWER UP PRIME – Prototype X

    Using set of Jetprime Power Up, I built this POWER UP PRIME version which I named it Prototype X. This is a commissioned work from a client in Malaysia and here...

  • The Fallen Custom LC

    The Fallen Custom

    This is my movie replica version of “The Fallen Custom” from the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Using two voyager class ROTF Fallen toys, I was able to build a leader...

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