• DOTM Human Alliance Soundwave

    More DOTM Human Alliance Soundwave Images

    Here is the Takara’s upcoming Transformers DOTM Human Alliance Soundwave from Japanese toy blogger Alfes 2010. The toy comes with Dylan Gould and Laserbeak. Check out the full gallery by clicking...

  • DOTM DA-28 Striker Optimus Prime robot mode

    DOTM DA-28 Striker In Hand Images

    Japanese blog higekumatoytoy has posted a hand full of images of the upcoming Japan Exclusive figure – DOTM DSM DA-28 Striker Optimus Prime. The figure is a remold ROTF Leader Class...

  • Dark of the Moon Human Alliance Soundwave - robot

    Dark of the Moon Human Alliance Soundwave

    Here are some in-hand images of Soundwave with Laserbeak and Dylan Gould figure from the Transformers: Dark of the Moon line posted from Transformers Galaxy fanpage. Check out the mirrored image...

  • DOTM Jet Power Optimus Prime

    DOTM Jetpower Optimus Prime

    For those of you who missed Takara’s Buster Optimus Prime and Jetfire Combo under the Revenge of the Fallen toyline, here’ some good news! Robotkingdom has put up a pre-order page...

  • Transformers DSM DA-34 Deluxe Leadfoot (2)

    Deluxe Leadfoot and HA Soundwave Official Images

    Amazon Japan has posted official imagery of Takara Tomy’s Leadfoot along with Human Alliance Soundwave. Similar to the Takara DSM lines, Human Alliance Soundwave closely resembles to its Hasbro counterpart. Additionaly,...

  • DOTM Wheeljack robot mode - Que

    DOTM Deluxe Soundwave | Wheeljack

    Take a look at the two new DOTM deluxe figures, Soundwave and Wheeljack displayed at New York Comic Con posted from TFW2005 board. This two figures will be the next assortment...

  • Cannon Force Ironhide Review

    Cannon Force Ironhide Review

    Here’s a video review of Transformers figure Cannon Force Ironhide from “kababayan” youtuber fxfranz. His color scheme is mostly-red deco inspired like Generation 1 Ironhide. Check out the video embedded below....

  • Dark-of-the-Moon-Human-Alliance-Leadfoot-Takara-Hasbro-Compared

    DOTM Leadfoot | Takara & Hasbro Compared

    Hasbro vs Takara? Alfes 2010 has uploaded a comparison images between Takara’s version and Hasbro Target Edition of DOTM Human Alliance Leadfoot. Takara’s version of the figure has no Nascar sponsor...

  • Ultimate Optimus Prime Toy


    Ultimate Optimus Prime Toy The Ultimate Optimus Prime Toy is without doubt one of the biggest Transformers 3 toy Hasbro has ever made, primarily based on the movie adapted Transformers: Dark...

  • Takara Tomy CH-01 Chronicle Optimus Prime G1 Dark of the Moon Set

    CH-01 Chronicle Optimus Prime 2 Pack

    Here is an in-hand images of Takara Tomy’s CH-01 Chronicle Optimus Prime two-pack posted from featuring a G1 Optimus Prime and a Deluxe Class DOTM Optimus Prime with shared trailer.

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