Transformers Toys

  • Acoustic Wave FT-02

    Acoustic Wave FT-02 Prototype Images

    Third party toy maker Fans Toys have updated their website with upcoming project named as Acoustic Wave FT-02, a homage of Transformers Soundwave. Check out the prototype image of Acoustic Wave...

  • Transformers BOT SHOTS TV Commercial

    Transformers BOT SHOTS TV Commercial

    Check out the latest Transformers Bot Shots latest TV commercial from Transformers official Youtube channel. This new commercial tackles the new concept and portability of the toy and the fun to...

  • Transformers Prime Arms Micron Terrorcon Cliffjumper

    Transformers Prime Arms Micron Terrorcon Cliffjumper Images

    Here are some images of the upcoming Transformers Prime Japan Arms Micron Terrorcon Cliffjumper. This images show that Terrorcon Cliffjumper has a new paint job from his normal red deco to...

  • IGear Cosmos Third Party

    MW-04 UFO Images | IGear

    Third Party Transformers toy maker IGear has posted images on their facebook page of their upcoming project MW-04 UFO which is based on unofficial Cosmos custom. You can view all the...

  • Transformers Prime Arms Micron - Optimus Prime 1

    Transformers Prime Micron Arms Official Toys

    New! Takara’s website have been updated with official images of their upcoming Transformers Prime Micron Arms toys. The official line up of Transformers Prime Micron are as follows: AM-01 Optimus Prime,...

  • iGear Presser Prototype Images

    iGear Presser Prototype Images

    iGear facebook page has uploaded a prototype images of the upcoming third party design for the Wrecker Impactor homage they have named “Presser.” This images shows the actual figure showing the...

  • Optimus Prime with Trailer Review - Movie Trilogy Series

    Optimus Prime with Trailer Review | Movie Trilogy Series

    Check out a video review of Movie Trilogy Series – Optimus Prime with Trailer from Dr. Prime’s youtube channel. Below is the embedded video of the Deluxe toy. Enjoy! Bio Optimus...

  • Transformers Bot Shots Topspin

    New Official Transformers Bot Shots Toy Images

    Transformers official facebook page has uploaded new official Transformers Bot Shots Toy images of Thundercracker, Jetfire, Topspin, Lockdown, and Megatron in translucent chase figure. Check out the full gallery here.

  • Transformers Generations-Deluxe-Bruticus-combiner

    Official Image of Transformers Fall of Cybertron Generations Toys | Bruticus

    Here are the official Transformers images from the Transformers Generations Fall of Cybertron combaticon toys – Onslaught, Brawl, Blast Off, Vortex and Swindle that form Bruticus. Check out the images below...

  • Sci-Fi Revoltech #38 Movie Bumblebee

    Sci-Fi Revoltech #38 Movie Bumblebee

    The ongoing toy fair at Japan’s Wonder Festival has recently announced that there will be a Revoltech Movie Bumblebee in the Sci-Fi Revoltech line. Check out the image of the upcoming...

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