Custom Grindor Images

Updated: September 1, 2011

Here is the final images of Transformers MovieCustom Grindor CH, a commissioned custom movie replica toy for a client in the US. This custom toy is highly poseable and has a good articulation on its body parts. This custom Grindor features a pop-up gatling gun and missile pod, a chest cannon, and the use of earth magnets to interchange the hands and rotor blade as part of its accessories. Many thanks to Photospill for the stunning pictures of Custom Grindor CH.

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Custom Grindor Final Image - 1

<Custom Grindor Final Image - 2

<Custom Grindor Final Image - 3

<Custom Grindor Final Image - 4

<Custom Grindor Final Image - 5

<Custom Grindor Final Image - 6

<Custom Grindor Final Image - 7

<Custom Grindor Final Image - 8


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