Frequently Asked Questions

What is TCT?
-TCT stands for Transformers Custom Toys.

Who is Grinkrystal?
Actually, Grinkrystal is a nick for my youtube account. I am as well a superman fanatic. Grinkrystal was derived from “Green Crystal”, a source of superman’s powers. And now everybody calls me Grin.

What is this website intended for?
This website is a showcase of all my present custom works on transformers toys. We also publish news and information on the latest info of Transformers movies and non movie Transformers hype.

I do accept custom and commission works in this website. If you want my services pls. click here

What do you offer?

We offer the following first twelve (12) custom works on TCT namely;
1. TCT 11.5” Blackout (SPECIAL BUILD)
2. TCT 11.5” Grindor (SPECIAL BUILD)
5. TCT 12” Bonecrusher (SPECIAL BUILD)
6. TCT 12” Barricade (SPECIAL BUILD)
7. TCT 9” HA Bumblebee (REBUILD)
8. TCT 6” BB Bumblebee (REBUILD)
9. TCT 10” BB Power Up Prime (REBUILD)
10. TCT 16” Power Up Prime (REBUILD)
11. TCT 6” BB Optimus Prime (REBUILD)
12. TCT 11″ Movie Classic Optimus Prime (REBUILD)

How many Power Up Prime have you made so far?
To date, i have made 33 Power Up Prime (MAC or Movie Accurate Custom version) plus 2 more in the making. I also built 3 GK special PUP with two (2) in the making. Five (5) more are scheduled to be finished by the end of May. A special TCT 16” power up prime is also offered (apart from MAC and GK special)

How long have you been in this business?
It started out as a hobby in 2009, i posted a video of my Power Up Prime in youtube and in 3 days time i received numerous visits and private messages inquiring of my work. I started to accept commission work when someone took a risk and asked me to build one PUP for him. From then on my work has reached to several countries 🙂

Where are you located?
Mabuhay Philippines!

Do you have a Facebook page?
Yes we do have! Like our page Transformers Custom Toys

How long would it take to make one custom toy?
Power Up Prime can be done 2-4 weeks depending on the availability of parts. Special Build items are done from 4-6 weeks depending on the work load and current production period.

What do you use as a base figure for each toy?
We use original TF toys as base and model kits are added to special customs.

Why is it that you focus on a non transforming figure?
Most of our clients are adults and are less inclined to playing with their toys. I personally am inclined to see movie accurate figure standing or posing for display in my room than transforming them as I lay on my bed.

How to order a custom toy?
Decide first what custom toy you want then contact us here. If you are having trouble using the contact form email us directly @grinkrystal(dot)transformerscustomtoys(dot)com and we will reply the soonest.

How much does a custom toy worth?
We do have a standard price on each custom toys. If a special work is to be done, additional fee is charged to clients. Price is in US Dollar.

How do I pay for the services offered?
Usually we encourage our client to pay via Paypal. Western Union payment will also be accepted. We usually take the half of the agreed amount for the purchase of materials. Upon completion of the work and prior to shipping of the item, payment of the full amount is required and must be credited to our paypal account before sending the item.

Do you require a down payment for the item ordered?

Yes of course, I require a 50% deposit on any commission order which is non-refundable to purchase the materials and to start the project. Full payment is required after the job is done

How long do it takes to receive the item?
For US & Canada, It usually takes 1-2 weeks upon shipment of the toy.

What courier are you shipping the toys?
We send it through a special service in Post Office. By request, we ship it to air parcel on clients request but additional shipping will be charged.

This FAQ is a work in progress and will continue to be updated.