Power Up Optimus Prime Custom ROTF 1st Anniv Edition

Updated: December 16, 2010

In anticipation to my first anniversary as Transformers Customizer AND the upcoming release of Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon movie, I enhanced and made a new transformers custom figure Revenge of the Fallen Leader Class Power Up¬†Optimus Prime (it’s always good to look back to where you started in anticipation of the future). So what makes it different from my other Power up Prime Custom? Here are some pictures and videos of the new custom figure:

More packed, beefed up, highly detailed legs:

Take a look at Power Up Prime’s new Thruster and back assembly!

This is Hyper Realism approach combined with inspirations from expert customizers—a way to celebrate GK’s first year in customization.

Here’s the finished new custom Power Up Prime figure: GK’s 1st Anniversary Edition Power Up Prime!!!

Here’s the video: