• Megatron Kre-o Transformers

    Transformers Kre-o | A gift for Megatron

    A new commercial has been uploaded on Transformers Kre-o’s Youtube channel. Watch the video entitled “A Gift For Megatron” embedded below. Happy Transformers holiday to all!

  • Kre-O Transformers My Ride is Better Than Your Ride

    KRE-O My Ride is Better Than Your Ride

    Check out the cool stop motion youtube video from Kre-O Transformers as a promotional campaign to promote the Kre-O Transformers toyline. Watch Bumbleebee crazy dance move below 🙂

  • Kre-O Konquest

    Kre-O Konquest Game

    Rebuild the Transformers before its too late! Its Kre-O’s latest online Transformers game called “Konquest”. Collect Kre-O pieces by moving Optimus Prime left and right using the arrow buttons from your...