Transformers Autobot Catilla

Updated: March 13, 2011


“Stalk before you strike.”

Catilla is patient and vigilant. He appreciates the importance of his job, so he has no problem squatting down silently in his position and just observing Decepticon activity for however long is needed. Catilla knows that he’ll eventually get to his prey, and he prefers to be fully prepared for when that happens. After stalking his targets he takes great pleasure in their eventual destruction. Previous to the war, Carnivac and Catilla operated as part of an investigative law enforcement team.

Abilities: Subject’s outer Pretender shell helmet is equipped with a full range of scanners, infrared sensors, radar, and various tracking systems. The shell’s armor boosts his speed and agility, and Subject has a top running speed of 150 miles per hour in this mode. Both his shell and alternate mode have durabyllium steel claws and fangs that can tear through armor. Subject is armed with air concussion cannon in robot mode. Tail can wrap around and crush most opponents.

Weaknesses: If circumstances force Catilla to strike when he’s not ready, he can feel overwhelmed and opt to retreat.

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