Transformers Decepticon Scavenger

Updated: February 10, 2011


“Everything is worth something, even ME.”

Profile: Scavenger s self-esteem is so km, that he doesn’t even make any attempt to hide his desperate quest for approval. Always eager to please, Scavenger is constantly digging up the countryside-from desert wastelands to human backyards-fa items to offer other Decepticons as tokens of fnendship. Usually the “gifts’ turn out to be nothing made than useless scraps in the eyes of his Decepticon comrades, who further lower his sense of self-worth by mocking him with such derogatory names as “Scrub” and “Scrounge.” Scavenger has a large, messy pile in his quarters where he stores the odds and ends he obsessively collects. Sane like Scrapper, find his behavior pitiable aid endearing, but even he can become imitated by Scavenger’s antics. Fortunately, Scavenger is fairly skilled at his job

Abilities: Subjects shovel is equipped with a full range of powerful magnetic, ionic, electrical and gas sensors that allow him to detect various materials, from metals to fuel sources, at a range of 500 yards. Sonar system allows Subject to determine the composition and layout of the ground up to 1 2 miles beneath him with 80% accuracy. He carries a missile launcher in vehicle mode and uses a laser pistol as a robot. Subject forms right arm of Devastator.

Weaknesses: Subject has poor judgment aid often uses too much fuel on wasteful activities.

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