Transformers Flywheels

Updated: July 23, 2011

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[quote type=”center”]”Believe in yourself, but only if you both agree.” [/quote]

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Another in a series of Shockwave’s experiments to create a Transformer with three modes, Flywheels is the least stable of the surviving Duocons. His personality components are split between his two vehicle halves and each one has its own level of sentience and opinions. Unfortunately unlike Battletrap, Flywheels two segments rarely agree on anything. despite his attempts to be upbeat and keep things together. Each one is jealous of the other’s abilities, making them more likely to fight each other than Autobots Since his personality components refuse to completely merge in robot mode, the two-sided arguments often continue even when Flywheels is whole.
Flywheels tank component can maintain a maximum speed of 75 miles per bur for 350 miles. His powerful laser turret can fire at targets up to 2 MileS away. Jet has a maximum speed of 1.303 miles per hour, which it cart maintain for 1,000 miles, In combined form, Subject has above-average strength and wields a laser rifle with infrared and heat-seeking abilities.
Flywheels’s main weakness is his inability to unify his personality He often distracts himself with pointless arguments in the middle of combat.
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