Transformers Sparks

Updated: February 9, 2011


The most mysterious component of a Cybertronian, the spark is also the most fundamental. A spark is what gives Cybertronians their individuality and life. Mythology holds that each spark contains a portion of Matrix energy. which in turn comes from Primus, the legendary creator of their race While current science has not yet firmly established where sparks come from, it has been established that sparks are indispensable to life for Cybertronian mechanoids.


Essentially, a spark is a small bit of as-yet-unclassified energy It is not known how or why they are able to grant life to a Cybertronian. When a protoform is successfully imbued with enough energy to allow the formation process to begin (either by the Matrix itself or through other means), spark energy coalesces and enters the new body. Mien this occurs, it begins a reformatting process that designs robot and alternate modes for the new Cybertronian (in cases where the body has not already been fully designed and built). The spark itself does not rest in any single. set segment of the robot, rather, it suffuses its entire being. Upon termination, it has been quantified that a certain frequency of energy is released by a Cybertronian: most believe that this is the spark leaving its body. In cases of extremely long-lived mechanoids, termination and loss of spark is accompanied by an overall pallor of the body.

It is rumored that certain sparks carry their own special powers, granting some Cybertronians super-mechanical powers beyond their design. While this is open for debate, there are some notable cases of aberrant sparks having strange qualities. The most popular case is the infamous Decepticon Starscream, who purportedly had an indestructible spark that could not be extinguished. and could even possess other beings. Further research and experimentation on the subject is currently proceeding.