Transformers The Matrix

Updated: February 11, 2011

The Matrix is an ancient artifact that remains central to Cybertronian society to this very day. An object of great power, it is coveted by all the factions involved in the conflict. In addition to its symbolic significance as a marker of leadership, the Matrix is also the most effective source of new sparks making it the fount of Transformer life.

The mythology—as set forth by the Cybertronian Council of Ancients, who safeguard the passage of the Matrix between Primes and are believed to furtively pull the strings of the Autobot government—is that the Matrix is a conduit for the energy of Primus, the mythic creator of the Cybertronians. It is through this conduit that new life essences are channeled; it is the source of all sparks, and also the place to which they return upon deactivation, enhancing the power of the Matrix by adding their experiences and wisdom to it. The Ancients have further espoused the dogma that the Matrix, Cybertron, and Primus himself are all intrinsically connected, and that only with that energy unified as a force for order can their race face up to its most fearsome challenge: an impossibly powerful being called Unicron. Modem Cybertronian society has largely rejected these notions, in fact, the reigning belief regarding the creation of Cybertron and its inhabitants is a technogenesis, which posits that mechanical life sprung up on its own from nothingness. Although most view the Council’s stones of creation as superstition created to explain things and maintain order, the average mechanoid still retains a healthy dose of reverence for the Matrix itself.