Movie-come-to-life Custom Figures

  • Transformers-Movie-Accurate-Customs-optimus

    Power Up Optimus Prime – MC2L Custom Toy

    Stage 1 WIP on my Movie-Come-To-Life Custom Power Up Optimus Prime project using aluminum sheets for plates and parts. This is different figure (leaderclass) from the 19-inch Supreme Class Power Up Prime...

  • Optimus-prime-classic-final

    Movie-Come-To-Life Custom Figures

    Hyper Realism Customization catches not only the profile and colors BUT the essence of the charcter being costumized. On-going Projects include: Leader Class Movie Classic Optimus Prime Leader Class Power Up...

  • Classic Prime

    Classic Optimus Prime Movie-Come-to-Life Custom Figure

    A work in progress picture of Classic Optimus Prime Leader Class set to release in the international scene via this website.

  • Special-Concept-Figure

    Special Concept Figures

    These figures did not make it to Hasbro manufacturing. Using other transformer figures, models, etc, the following is formed: Leader Class Blackout/Grindor Supreme Class Blackout/Grindor On-going Projects include: Leader Class Bone...